Review-The battle of Hastings the uncomfortable truth

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Review-The battle of Hastings the uncomfortable truth

Postby petergoose » Tue Mar 15, 2016 5:47 pm

Hmmmm,hmmmm. OK I enjoyed reading this book, though I remain tottaly unconvinced by the arguments for moving the battlefield. Also some of the statements concerning late Anglo Saxon military equipment/tactics will raise your eyebrows a tad.
The book is published by pen and sword, hardback and just over 150 pages not including sources etc. Its written by john Grehan and Martin Mace. It costs £20 but can be got from Amazon for less.
The book gives a so so account of the battle and campaign but concentrates on a new area for the battlefield. Some of you may have seen a ch4 documentary on the subject a few years back. So why did I enjoy this book? It amused me. It was a walking advert for evidence based historical study, a timely reminder that we should where history is concerned be carefully we don't fly away on whimsical tangents. It was also a example that someone studying military history should understand the armies of their chosen period.
Enjoyable and amusing, yes, worth the money, NO.
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