Book review, Battle Royal by Hugh Bicheno

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Book review, Battle Royal by Hugh Bicheno

Postby petergoose » Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:26 pm

This is the first in a new two volume military history of the Wars of the roses. Its by Hugh Bicheno who has also written books on the battle of Lepanto and on 18th century warfare.
Its a good quality hardback book,350+ pages including appendixes etc and costs £25 although you get it cheaper from amazon. The full title is Battle Royal,the wars of Lancaster and York,1440-1462. Presumably the next book will cover up to 1487.
The book starts of with several detailed chapters on the background to the wars and covers the events in France in good detail. Maps are fairly frequent and several tables on the myriad familial lines help you keep track on what who is doing where etc.
The campaign of first Albans is well described with two maps,one strategical, one tactical. Then comes a description of events in Calais and Wales. The Blore Heath campaign is described next supported by three decentish maps.
The battles of Northampton, the events in Scotland and the battle of Wakefield are then covered followed by Mortimer's cross and second Albans,again maps are numerous. The last part of the book is on the events leading to Towton and on the battle itself.
So,is this worth buying? I think so,although I will say I'm not a expert on many aspects of the wars of the roses so I may be unaware of any academic mistakes. Its the maps and tables that make this useful,its a good read as well. Of course its a general military account so if you want to know about say,first St Albans specifically you would be better of with Boardmans book,but as a history this is fairly good. I will be buying the next volume.
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Re: Book review, Battle Royal by Hugh Bicheno

Postby mdavis41 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:57 pm

Thank you for this review. I bought both volumes on the strength of your review.
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