William Fitzalan - Earl of Arundel

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William Fitzalan - Earl of Arundel

Postby mike0liver » Thu Jul 12, 2012 9:59 am

I've bought a substantial quantity of 10 mm figures to paint armies for the WotR and need some help getting the livery correct. My Yorkist troops will be those of the 16th Earl of Arundel (William Fitzalan) together with Sir James Luttrell (Knight). I have the details of Luttrell's coat of arms but I am a little unsure of the correct version for Arundel. Essentially, I believe they are jules, a lion rampant or. However, when I visited the Castle recently, I was told they were likely to be conjoined in some way with the de Warenne arms (checky, or and azure) since this was an important family who married into the Fitzalans some time before (Alice de Warenne, who had inherited their Surrey estates, married the 9th Earl of Arundel in 1305).

The opinion of the guide I consulted was that they would be quarterly Fitzalan and de Warenne but I have seen no visible evidence for this anywhere. I have seen a version which has the basic Fitzalan shield with a bordure of de Warenne - but I thought a bordure represented the younger(est) son. I located an opinion on the Heraldry Society's website as follws: "It will then be seen that impalement by a man of his wife's arms was, so far as we know, unheard of in mediaeval times. If she were an heiress, in the real sense of conveying an estate to her husband, then the latter as lord thereof, jure uxoris, would indeed quarter her arms with his own (or perhaps even place them "in pretence") to indicate his lordship". This suggests that it would only be the lady who would display the quartered arms. The article goes on to say "The husband stuck to his paternal coat, if necessary quartering the arms of any lordships he might have acquired by marriage, while his wife bore her husband's arms impaling those of her father." (my underlining)

I have also seen a shield for Arundel blazoned "Sable, six martlets argent" but am not sure from what period this comes and I have seen the attached on the link given (???).

I think I shall use Courtenay as my Lancastrian commander on the basis of their dispute over ascendancy in 1445, but that decision can wait until I've sorted this out.

Is there anyone who can set me on the right road and also advise where I might locate the correct banner for Fitzalan? I shall be very grateful for any help I can get.


Suggested Arundel coat of arms - http://www.luminarium.org/encyclopedia/arundel9.htm
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Re: William Fitzalan - Earl of Arundel

Postby martin » Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:03 am

The Freezywater books by Thomas Coveney lists the following:

Sir William Fitzalan of Arundel, 11th Earl of Arundel
1417 - 1487
First St Albans (Y). Second St Albans (Y). Towton (Y).
Quarterly; 1 and 4, Gules a lion rampant Or: 2 and 3, checky Or and Azure.

Which agrees with the guide at the castle.
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Re: William Fitzalan - Earl of Arundel

Postby mike0liver » Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:08 pm

Hi Martin:

Has four years gone by so fast. I completely lost the link to this site and have only just re-located it. So I apologise for failing to acknowledge your response to my enquiry. I eventually painted the figures to fit with my original thoughts and your confirmation and hope the delay in saying "thank you" has not caused you sleepless nights ;). The quartered arms seem to have been first used in the 14th Century by the 9th Earl, Richard Fitzalan. I have found the attached listed in various places and would appreciate your comments. I realise that this relates specifically to John but is also ascribed to William.
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I am unclear as to why Thomas Coveney refers to William as 11th Earl - I had always believed him to be the 16th Earl. I hope you don't mind my raising all this again.


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