The First English Life of King Henry the Fifth

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The First English Life of King Henry the Fifth

Postby martin » Mon Apr 20, 2015 7:30 am

This book, the latest Society publication, is currently available to members at a discounted price of £12 until the end of June 2015. At this point it will revert to its normal price of £15.

This facsimile reprint of The First English Life of King Henry the Fifth was first published in 1911 and has been reissued in the year of the six hundredth anniversary of the battle of Agincourt.

It is a transcription of an early 16th century manuscript written by an anonymous author who has become known to historians as 'The Translator of Livius' as this work is based very heavily on Tito Livio’s mid-15th century Latin history of Henry V, the Vita Henrici Quinti. This is supplemented with information from Monstrelet’s Chronicle, the Policronicon, and stories from ‘the honnorable Erle of Ormond’, most likely James Butler, fourth earl of Ormand (1392-1452), who served in several French campaigns under Henry V, possibly including that which led to the battle of Agincourt.

It was very influential on later histories, including Holinshed’s Chronicle, which in turn was used by Shakespeare when writing his great play Henry V.

To obtain the discount use this link - ... h/16426281
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