Norman naval operations in the Mediterranean; a short review

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Norman naval operations in the Mediterranean; a short review

Postby petergoose » Mon Aug 01, 2016 12:30 pm

Norman naval operations in the Mediterranean.
Charles D.Stanton.2016(paperback ed),Boydell books. Around 24 pounds inc postage via Amazon.

This is the paperback version of a book that came out a few years back. As usual for a Boydell book it is of a high scholarly quality. The book starts of with a look at the background, covering the Muslim capture of Sicily and the crumbling of Byzantine power.
The arrival of the Normans is covered and the history of the Norman navy is covered in two lengthy chapters. Another long chapter covers the crusades and decline of Norman sea power in the region. What I found quite helpful was the detailed appendixes that covered the ships in some detail among other things. The book is very well sourced from start to finish.
So is it worth buying. It is a bit pricey hut in my view yes. That being said it is a fairly dry(though interesting) read. Perhaps it should only be bought if the buyer has a serious interest in Norman warfare.
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