Book review-the artillery of the Dukes of Burgandy

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Book review-the artillery of the Dukes of Burgandy

Postby petergoose » Wed Oct 21, 2015 12:47 pm

This book is actually a old few years old. I intended to pick it up but you know,there's so much other stuff you want etc etc. :mrgreen:

An away the full title is The artillery of the Dukes of Burgandy 1363-1477. Its authored by Kelly DeVries and Robert Smith. While the book is concentrated on the artillery it also gives a fairly good account of the battles and wars of the Burgundian Dukes.
The book starts of with a pretty in depth look at the development and deployment of medieval artillery. Then comes a reign by reign account of the military career of each Duke. The best comes last,a good look at each surviving gun,complete with its combat history(where known)and photographs. The book is worth buying for that alone. Its a bit pricey,about £25 but I got mine from amazon for £20 inc p+p.
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