Rules (if any) for colours of square Livery banners

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Rules (if any) for colours of square Livery banners

Postby NickE » Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:42 am

Looking for some guidance with respect to livery banners for Wars of the Roses. My main source of advice for these has been the Freezywater publication of Standards, Badges and Livery Colours of the Wars of the Roses by Pat McGill and Jonathon Jones plus the actual banners produced by Freezywater. In their book McGill and Jones state that given the immense length of the swallow tailed standards and the subsequent difficulties this imposed on the standard bearers to keep them fully displayed, that a square style of livery banner emerged which was similar in size to the heraldic banner. The field of these banners sometimes showed the livery colour/s “(Per pale if two livery colours)” This brings me to my question. Was there any rule regarding the order in which these colours were displayed on the square livery banner? McGill and Jones state that when the standard had two colours, on transferring these colours to livery jackets, the uppermost colour became the colour on the right hand side of the jacket. The square livery banners produced by Freezywater mostly have the uppermost colour of their standards on the staff side of the livery banner and the lower colour on the fly side. This seems to suggest there was a rule. But interestingly this is reversed when one of the livery colours is black. So for standards of the Duke of Buckingham and the Earl of Essex where the upper colour is black the Freezywater banners have this colour on the fly rather than the staff side, and for the Earl of Northumberland where black is the lower colour on the standard, it is the colour on the staff side of the Freezywater banner. Is this reversal just to show that there really was no rule for the transfer of colours and the colour black being one of the colours is just coincidental or is there some rule being applied here? My apologies for being so anal about this but I’m making some livery banners myself using the Paint program on the computer (a laborious process for a computer illiterate like me) and would like to get the colours right. Thanks for any advice any members can provide.
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