Book review: Sluys by G.Corrigan

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Book review: Sluys by G.Corrigan

Postby petergoose » Wed May 18, 2016 4:11 pm

This is a very recent release, as soon as I saw it was available in book format I picked it up. In my opinion Sluys is one of the most interesting battles of the HYW.
The full title is Sluys, England expects. It is written by the respected scholar of the military history of colonial units of the world wars Gorden Corrigan, a professional soldier.
The book itself is quite a good, though short read,80 pages. The battle tactics are well described and vivid, as is much of the background detail. Unfortunately there are several problems, no maps is one but there is worse. Corrigan's understanding of medieval military matters is sufficient to allow him to avoid some of the usual pitfalls but not all. He does not have a great grasp of medieval archery and is somehow unaware of the battles fought on foot by western European armies pre 1300. Also there are NO sources given. On the plus side is the price, £5 new from amazon. It is a good read and worth buying at that price, though I feel the author should stick to the world wars, a period he is first rate in.
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